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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You may worship me now

This is just embarassing....

News staff writer

Barack Obama's election as president has generated a number of firsts. The latest may be the creation of a paid holiday in his honor in an Alabama Black Belt county.

At its most recent meeting, the Perry County Commission voted 4-1 to declare the second Monday in November "The Barack Obama Day."

Commissioner Albert Turner Jr., who sponsored the resolution, said flags would be flown on the day and county offices would be closed. He said he hopes county schools also will decide to observe the holiday.

"We moved on that because of the historic nature of his election and the fact that this was a history-making event, having the first African descendent to be (elected) president of the United States," Turner said.

The resolution also contains language to make it difficult, if not impossible, to overturn. It says the Obama Day "shall only be deleted from the county holiday calendar by a majority vote of all the members of the United States Congress, both House and Senate, and a unanimous vote of the Perry County Commission."

This is one of Alabama's poorest counties. The last thing they need to do is give all county workers another paid day off. But everybody has to feel like they are genuflecting appropriately, prostrate before the holy alter of the The Obamessiah.

Good grief!!!

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Bobby T said...

The real question that begs asking is do the Perry County Commissioners and their fellow governmental slugs actually work? If so how can they stare at themselves in the mirror without bile rising in their throats. If one lives in this county, chances are that they are on some type of government assisted income program. Oh I'm sorry, I forgot that was how Obama was elected in the first place, by whores demanding bigger handouts from the government!