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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maps don't kill people, terrorists kill people

This makes absolutely no sense at all....

An Indian Court has been called to ban Google Earth amid suggestions the online satellite imaging was used to help plan the terror attacks that killed more than 170 people in Mumbai last month.

A petition entered at the Bombay High Court alleges that the Google Earth service, "aids terrorists in plotting attacks". Advocate Amit Karkhanis has urged the court to direct Google to blur images of sensitive areas in the country until the case is decided.

That's like blaming doughnuts for fat people putting on weight. The terrorists used the maps to kill people just like fatties use doughnuts to get fat. Should we ban maps and doughnuts because people use them for destructive purposes?

Typical of half-wits who like to ban stuff like guns, fast-food, or SUVs, they choose the easy, but misdirected, target for blame rather than hold anybody to any standards.

How idiotically asinine!

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