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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dee Dee Myers is shocked, shocked to find sexism in association with the presidency

Dee Dee Myers, former press secretary to President Clinton, wrote an article in Vanity Fair expressing outrage that some Obama staffers groped a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton. Dee Dee whines(apparently with a straight face too)....

At what point does sexist behavior get taken seriously? At what point do people get punished in ways that suggest this kind of behavior, this kind of thinking, is unacceptable? At what point do we insist there will be consequences?

Seriously? Dee Dee worked for the biggest philandering, cheating, horndog to ever prowl Washington since John F. Kennedy. No president, much less a staffer, treated women worse and used them as his personal sexual appliances than Bill Clinton, her boss, with whom she had daily contact for two years. Yet she said nothing, that we know of. It's a little late Dee Dee to pretend to be outraged when a young staffer acts like a drunken frat boy with a piece of cardboard, when you said nothing as Bill Clinton molested, fondled, and maybe raped his way around Washington with actual, real women.

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