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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where's that global warming when you need it?

I'll bet these folks could sure use some of Al Gore's imaginary global warming right about now.....

OCHESTER, N.H. – Utility officials trying to recover from the devastating ice storm in the Northeast warned there could be more outages Sunday as drooping branches shed ice and snap back to their original positions, potentially taking out more power lines.
Roughly 649,000 customers were still without power Sunday morning in upstate New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

"But Ed, but Ed", you whine, "the science is in and the debate is over. Global warming actually causes global cooling. We still need to severely limit CO2 output, even if it cripples our entire system of economy. It's for the greater good of saving the Earth."

You ignorant, smelly hippie! Haven't you figured it out yet? Desperate environmentalists will say literally anything, regardless of how preposterous, in order to perpetuate the climate change farce and enrich themselves. Al Gore, Joe Kennedy, and lots of others have created a cottage industry around the environment, falsley scaring dummies like you who need a cause to get behind. Evidently you don't have enough going on in your miserable, pathetic lives to keep you occupied. And foisting your idiotic eco-ideas on the rest of us makes you feel relevant and gives you purpose.

Get a grip, hippie, and maybe a job. And see how the productive class lives.

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