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Thursday, December 04, 2008

How far the mighty have fallen!

Over at ConservativeGrapevine, John has a link to an article detailing the unbelievable court ruling in Great Britain which awarded three drug-addicted criminals money because the prison didn't give them drugs...

Drug-addicted prisoners have received compensation because their human rights were breached when they were forced to go cold turkey, it was revealed today.
Around £11,400($16,700USD) was paid to three inmates at Winchester Prison in Hampshire after a court ruled that it was a breach of their human rights to deny them drugs such as heroin and substitute substances.

I have to say, I'm getting a little tired of highlighting stories from the once great UK, pointing out how far our motherland has fallen. Political correctness, dhimmitude, and sheer idiocy have reduced the Empire on which the sun never set, to an embarassing insane asylum where the nutty rule and the normal cower in the dark.

Seriously, how did they come to this?


Gregory said...

Let's hope the UK's child molesters don't get wind of this.

BelchSpeak said...

I didn't read the story. But I think even here in the US, there are drug treatment programs for our inmates to help them ease off of heroin. Treatment is fairly routine. See here:


However, treatment is not mandatory, and these rules vary state to state.

The UK has basically just mandated treatment with this ruling. I think I'm okay with it, as long as they are treated while in jail and not released to go to a stupid rehab center.

I've had friends with addictions, so I sympathize with those inmates struggling with it.

ed said...

I'm OK with treatment programs in prison using methadone, counseling, shock therapy, lobotomy, etc.

What I have a problem with is the award of taxpayer money for this wholly imagined rights violation by which they should actually be given, by the state, heroin, LSD, crystal meth, or whatever.

They're already getting taxpayer funded meals, bunks, dental/medical, play time, etc. They should be grateful to not be on drugs anymore.

I just don't think it's a right to be given actual street drugs while in prison, just because you managed to get yourself addicted to them.

BelchSpeak said...

Agreed. Methodone is fine, counseling and treatment is fine, but never street drugs- and the inmates should have to pay for these services.