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Thursday, December 11, 2008

"There's something not quite right about these chicken fingers, mom."

Like I needed another reason NOT to eat at KFC.....

A trio of KFC workers were suspended after photos of them bathing in the restaurant's sink were posted on the Internet.

If it weren't for Al Franken voters, teens would be basically the stupidest people on Earth(my two teenage kids excluded of course). This curious "look at me being stupid" phenomenon has gone way over the line. What did these morons think would happen when they posted on the internet, pictures of their performative lesbianism in a restaurant sink? Unbelievable! I'll bet their parents are proud.

If you want to see the PG-13 pics, click here and here. SFW, but just barely.

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BelchSpeak said...

top complaints:
1. My original recipe chicken tastes like fat chicks.
2. I asked for a side of fries, and I got skank instead.
3. How come you only bathe your white employees? Does this mean your mexican and black guys are dirty?