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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Political correctness hits the quickie-oil-change industry

The question is, does a company have the right to define the appearance of it's employees who come in contact with customers?

BOSTON — A Rastafarian man who refused to shave off his beard or cut his hair to comply with Jiffy Lube's employee grooming policy can take his religious discrimination case to trial, the state's highest court ruled Tuesday.

In 2002, after Jiffy Lube put a new grooming policy in place requiring employees who worked with customers to be clean-shaven, Brown told management that his religion does not permit him to shave or cut his hair. Managers then said Brown could work only in lower bays where he did not have contact with customers.

Brown filed a discrimination lawsuit in state court in 2006.

Since when does being a smelly, dope-addled hippie qualify as a religion? I guess as long as it's not "Christianity", literally any form of deviancy can be protected as "religious freedom" by the courts.

Would you trust this guy to change your oil?


capt. america said...

Diversity is what makes America great.

ed said...

True, but wouldn't you agree that an employer has the right to dictate the appearance of it's employees who interact with the public?

Gregory said...

Freedom is what makes america great. If diversity is so great, why is my pro basketball team made up of all black men. Wouldn't it be "great" if the team had at least one oriental and a hispanic and a woman and a muslim and a homosexual, and a transgendered person in a wheelchair and (insert arbritrary social grouping here). NBA Championship here we come!

ed said...

Excellent point Gregory. People are already complaining about the lack of black football coaches in NCAA positions but, there are no quotas for white guys in the NBA. Nobody seems to care about the over-representation of blacks in that league.