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Monday, February 10, 2014

With bundlers as diplomats, Obama insults our allies

Every administration rewards it's campaign friends with plumb appointments in government so that person can direct public funds to his friends and colleagues in the private sector, or simply suck at the public teat himself. Usually the administration attempts to maintain the facade of competence in placing friends of the President in government positions. All except for Obama it would seem. 

He has rewarded campaign bundlers with plumb ambassadorships 23 times, many of whom are utterly and completely ignorant about the countries to whom they'll be head diplomat on behalf of the US. 

Here are the most recent and most embarrassing three:

-Noah Bryson Mamet bought the ambassadorship to Argentina by bundling $500,000 for Obama.  
-George J. Tsunis purchased his ambassadorship to Norway $1.3 million in bundled cash.
-and Colleen Bradley Bell raised $800,000 and will represent the US to Hungary.

What do each of these corrupt, rank amateurs have in common? None have been to the respective country to which they'll be ambassador and upon Senate questioning, reveal an appalling lack of knowledge of any depth of these countries. 

Obama always claims that diplomacy and international relations is important to him and his administration, but how can Argentina, the premier up-and-coming economic power in South America, take the US seriously when we send a complete moron as our chief contact with them? It shows that Obama places little or no value on international relations and that our relationship with these nations is an afterthought or a party favor. 

Can a nation reject a diplomat on the grounds that his appointment is an insulting joke? I hope Argentina, Norway, and Hungary say thanks but no thanks, we'll deal with other nations and skip the US. 

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