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Monday, February 17, 2014

No more clowns left to send

Apparently the clown population is dwindling dramatically around the country.....and not soon enough for me. Is there anybody still simple-minded enough to be entertained by grown-ups in ridiculous make-up pretending to hit and trip each other?

Clowns were a useful form of entertainment back in the 20's maybe when nobody had a TV and the only show was when barn-stormers, the circus, or a band of gypsies came to town. But how are clowns supposed to compete with Grand Theft Auto-5, Twitter, and 600 TV channels? Plus, how much can a clown possibly make a year?

I think the idea of a circus itself is antiquated. Who besides those who make money off Ringling Brothers approves of wild animals being shipped around on train cars, forced to perform for thoughtless human amusement, grown people and midgets acting silly on unicycles? All that's left is the high-wire and trapeze acts and we've basically got the summer Olympics for that nonsense.

No, the time for circuses has run it's course. If I go, it's only for the possibility of witnessing firsthand a lion mauling it's trainer, a rogue elephant trampling some families in the front row, or getting intentionally sick from cotton candy.

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David said...

Too funny. I got quite a chuckle from this rant. Thanks.

I couldn't agree wth you more. I lived in your home state for one year. While we were there I took my family to a fair. We viewed an elephant show which was such sadness my wife, daughter, and son all cried. It was a horrible experience. We left early and have NEVER considered any circus environment again.

Toss circuses in with labor unions, there time has past and they should be retired.