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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, February 17, 2014

UAW receives well-deserved ass-kicking in Chattanooga

The UAW suffered a devastating defeat in Chattanooga when the workers at the Volkswagon plant voted NOT to unionize, citing Detroit and union boss thuggery as reasons.

Unions may have played a necessary role in worker safety and fairness a century ago, but all that has been taken care of in the American workplace. Now unions serve as little more than extortion clubs by which union bosses get filthy rich from outrageous mandatory union dues and force companies to downsize or elect not to expand by making them pay far more for labor than it's worth.

Good for Tennesseans for rejecting the scourge of collective bargaining and preventing what happened in Detroit from coming to the South. Let's hope this starts a trend around the country and we rid ourselves of malignant labor unions once and for all.