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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Live and let die in Atlanta

Is it true that fights have broken out over groceries as everybody in Atlanta panics? 

If true, and it wouldn't surprise me, is this all the stress that is necessary for civilized society to descend into Lord of the Flies? A little ice and a couple of days without power and it becomes every-man-for-himself.....live and let die. Pathetic!

Once again, I'm convinced this is why aliens keep us isolated from the rest of the galactic community. The collective barbarism of Earth-humanoids is only just beneath the surface and evidently it doesn't take much to come out. And they don't want us to contaminate more advanced civilizations with our primitive savagery. 


Bill said...

I went to my local city of Atlanta Kroger yesterday without incident. The cashier thanked me for pointing out where the ice scrapers were for another customer and everyone was nice. As a compulsive news viewer during the current "catastrophic" I've not seen any reports of fights.

BTW, if I hear a newsreader say "catastrophic" one more time, I may lose it!

Ed said...

I know, "catastrophic" is definitely the favorite word of the media for this particular weather event.

I was on I-85 south of Auburn last night and this morning doing a traffic study, and in the two hours I was there, I'll bet I saw no less than 200 power trucks from neighboring states heading north toward Atlanta.

David said...

I visited my local Safeway here in Arlington last night. I needed duct tape, plywood, and plastic sheathing to prepare for the snow storm. Check check, and check. While I was there I decided to buy some milk and peanut butter (partially inspired by the Talking Heads song "Life During Wartime"). There was NO milk! Apparently I missed the run. Oh well, I already had some. No big deal.

Home today.. 12 inches of snow in the DC area. Nothing but pjs and curling from Sochi! Oh, and my peanut butter.

Ed said...

I love the sport of curling....the hottest babes at the Olympics.

Bill said...

I enjoy the curling too - it kind of grows on me. I think however that the commentators assume far too much knowledge of the rules and tactics are known by the viewers. I only learned today that Canada benefitted against the US by leading by 1 instead of 2 going into the final "end." I has assumed having " the hammer" alternated. Football analysts spend more time explaining tactics in a telecast of a game 95% of the viewers know well.

ed said...

Right you are Bill. I've picked up what I believe to be maybe 50% of it, but they need to do a better job of explaining it all. It would make it more fun to watch if we knew the strategies, tactics, and terminology.

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