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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The US hopefully out of Afghanistan entirely by the end of 2014

Apparently the chilly relationship between President Obama and Afghan President Karzai have deteriorated still further after a terse phone call between the two. Hamid Karzai told Obama he would not sign a pact that would allow US troops to remain in Afghanistan beyond the end of this year, instead preferring to leave that option open to the next US President.

Obama got his feathers ruffled and basically threatened to take his toys and go home. He immediately had the Pentagon draw up plans for total withdrawal by the end of 2014.


That dirty, backward country isn't worth anything to the US strategically. We aren't even killing enough would-be terrorists to make the cost worth while. And building schools, hospitals, and water-treatment plants isn't what our military is for in the first place. We destroy those things, not build them. If Karzai wants to hire Black Water or Halliburton to rebuild his country, let him pay for it with opium money. The American taxpayer is through with this lost-cause of a country.

Our strategy ought to be to go away and let the Taliban and Al-Qaida reform when they think the coast is clear, then hit them hard with drone strikes in their desert training camps, like a year from now.

We've wasted enough blood and treasure already, and for no gain whatsoever.


David said...

The sooner we are out the better. However, "Careful with that Axe, Eugene", an idle military capability facing budget cuts and questions of relevance will surely covet a new skirmish somewhere. You watch.

Ed said...

Right Dave, the defense contractors need to purge their warehouses of older ordinance and test new battlefield technology. Where better than a third-world shitbox of a country in the middle east? All they'll need is to manufacture some supposed threat and off we go on another 10 year nation-building deployment.

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