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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The biggest loser needs to eat a sandwich

Biggest Loser crowned a new champion last night, Rachel Fredrickson who lost 155lbs or 60% of her body weight. I know guys aren't supposed to comment on the bodies of women, but yikes, she's too thin.

Click on the picture and get a look at how stretched the skin around her mouth is around her jawbone. She looks like Karen Carpenter toward the end. Even the trainers on the show were shocked. 

Biggest Loser is supposed to be a positive uplifting show about health and fitness, not a depressing cautionary tale about anorexia, negative body image, and obsessive weight loss. Weight loss to this extreme is not achievable for most people, nor should it be. She doesn't look good to me. 


David said...

You are correct. Positive, uplifting not scary. And you Karen Carpenter reference resonates in this situation.

Anonymous said...

She probably has no intention of staying this thin but given this was a competition to win $250k she did the right thing to make sure she didn't come second. She knew what it'd take to win and committed herself to work hard enough to take home the bacon. A lesson for us all. Obesity isn't an illness, it's a state of mind.

Actually, I think she looks fabulous.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"Actually, I think she looks fabulous."

It must be true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. When I look at her, "fabulous" is not the adjective that comes to my mind.

ed said...

I wouldn't say fabulous either. She's far too skinny and stretched for me. I like women to have curves and be soft, not hard and angled like a man.

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