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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Do stuffed animals make women want to have sex?

OK, Valentine's Day is upon us and in every TV commercial break we must endure Vermont Teddy Bear and Pajamagram commercials. I'd like to take an informal poll on this: 

1 - would a 4 foot stuffed bear make you more or less likely to want to have sex with your partner, as the commercial assures us men it will? (Vermont women need not answer because for you, apparently the answer is yes)
And 2 - how insulted are you as a woman at the suggestion that being treated like an addled adolescent by your man is something you crave?

I would just say this, if you're a man and your girlfriend's level of maturity would make a 4-foot stuffed animal a valid romantic gift, perhaps you should check her ID again because you might be dating a tenth grader.


Bill said...

Check out the body language and facial expressions on the females in these ads. Women are not the target audience of these annoying ads.

The Pajama-gram ads are just as bad.

Ed said...

I know, it makes the women look like horny, vapid, adolescents.....and I guess that's what we men want.

Dacid said...

I just ordered two of these! Wait, what will I do with a giant stuffed bear?

Ed, once again you inspire by asking the questions on everyone's mind. Fearless!

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

What? The blonde doesn't come with the bear? CANCEL MY ORDER!!!!