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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, February 28, 2014

The infuriating paternalism of nanny-government

Good grief, how patronizing. Michelle O thinks that without her involvement women around the country are "confused, bewildered, and defeated" when trying to buy groceries for their families because they're too air-headed and frazzled from soccer practice and carpool line to understand the nutrition labels. 

I've never once seen a women looking confused in the grocery store. I have seen thousands of husbands, including me, who look confused and bewildered trying to find the excruciatingly specific items on the list their wives gave them. It may as well have been written in Japanese. Try finding Panko breadcrumbs or Sweet Hungarian paprika, or slivered, unsalted, plain almonds......I'll give you a hint on the almonds, in some stores look in the baking section, in others look where the snacks are.

Bottom line, American women should be insulted that Michelle thinks they are too dumb to read a simple nutrition label and not figure out for themselves if they want it or not. Neither the government or the first lady should be assuming the role of condescending parent in the lives of the subjects over whom they pretend to rule.


Anonymous said...

You, sir, are a DUMBASS

Ed said...

Explain yourself anon. How am I a dumbass?

David said...

Put Michelle on a box of Wheaties!

Ed, I think you've just received an ad hominem attack.

Ed said...

Apparently you are correct Dave. Trolls, I swear! ;-)