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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two years since the passion of Saint Skittles

Apparently it's been two whole years since model citizen Saint Skittles attacked the wrong neighborhood watchman and tried to bash his brains out on the sidewalk. I still see "I am Trayvon" hoodies featuring this picture being worn around B'ham. and there were vigils held yesterday around town as well, where "Justice for Trayvon" was the theme.

I'd like to know where the "Stay in school, Trayvon" theme was, or the "Quit dealing drugs, Trayvon" theme was, or the "Stop pretending to be a murdering gangsta' on Facebook, Trayvon" theme was.

Everybody. and by everybody I mean liberals, thinks the Saint Skittles killing was about racial profiling, but when irresponsibility, thug mentality, and bad parenting collide with armed citizens protecting their homes, bad things are bound to happen.

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