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Monday, March 19, 2012

The US stupidly contemplates military action in Syria

As the violence in Syria worsens and civilians by the hundreds die at the hands of the corrupt military as directed by Bashir Assad(and possibly his wife), the US once again is wondering what our military options are. From TheNewRepublic --

A punitive naval or air operation to encourage a coup against Assad

A broader Balkans-like campaign to help depose Assad

Creation of a safe zone for Syrian civilians

Direct military intervention isn't possible yet as the Syrian army is still very intact and strong. That said, I'd like to offer my measured and reasonable US response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis.....


How is this our business? Are we not embroiled in enough civil wars, Arab springs, overseas contingency operations, terrorist hunts, and peacekeeping missions for one country? It's as if every time a little fighting breaks out, anywhere in the world, we get ready for a military assault by land, sea, and air on the perceived bad guys.

Let Assad and his wife slaughter every civilian if they want. It's not our fight to have. We have no interests there. If Obama meddles in Syrian affairs and loses one US service member's life to a half-assed peace-keeping or humanitarian mission, even the deranged democrats who were still going to vote for him will abandon him in droves.


Bill Lockhart said...

Oil? Any Oil?

Then why the hell go there. These people have been warring since Biblical times and I doubt we can do anything about it.

Ed said...

Nor should we do anything about it. Unless they threaten us directly, leave them to their own devices regardless of how the media bleats about the human rights atrocities and how something should be done.

david said...

We should stay out this looming disaster.

Ed said...

Right, I mean are we now going into every country where there are problems? They aren't ours to solve.

david said...

Last time I checked our U.S. refrigerator honey-do list is quite full.

Bill Lockhart said...

Aren't there many places in Africa with human rights violations--why aren't we there? What about North Korea? Plenty of abuse there. And hey --what about China--I hear bad stories from there too. I think we should hit China first as they own so much of US that it would be almost like a citzens revolt. Where are those damn lauch codes? If I get them I will share them with Ed.