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Friday, March 16, 2012

The handicapped-accessible pool mandate

In 2009 Obama signed a law that vastly expands the ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act) to include public pools. As of this month, all public pools, of which there are 360,000, must have either a wheelchair ramp or a chair lift.

Obviously, skeevy slip-n-fall lawyers are frothing at the mouth at the potential payday from law suits of deep-pocketed hotels and gyms who've failed to comply. But there aren't enough pool lifts in the whole world right now to supply the hundreds of thousands of public pools in the US.

And is handicapped access really that big of a problem? Are all wheel chairs water-safe? What happens when the 60lb metal chair starts to roll down the slope toward the deep end? What if the wheels don't grip the bottom because of partial buoyancy? What if the person can't swim? There's trouble all over that idea.

This is a classic example of government overreach and the Obama administration DOJ was wise to stay the law for 60 days while they rethink it. This law would benefit far more lawyers than handicapped people....but maybe that's the idea since trial lawyers donate 98% to democrats.


david said...

Most ridiculous item of the day. What's next? Hottubs? Showers? Really?

I so miss the diving boards of my youth and being allowed to DIVE into the shallow end. I don't go to my neighborhood pool anymore and one big reason is they've sucked all the fun out of it. Who wants to jump into the pool?

It won't be long and it will be illegal to dive out of a motorboat, forget standing on TOP of the outboard motor to do so!

Ed said...

Yep, busy-body regulators are taking the fun out of life itself.

Bill Lockhart said...

REALLY?? How the f*ck are these people going to "swim"? If all they are doing is sitting there, can't you just put them in the Kiddie Pool.If they are going to have to wear life vests, will the pools be required to provide those? I bet when they "think" about it Obama et al. will mandate those as well.