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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obama is a banned-free-speech zone unto himself

Obama just signed into law, H.R. 347 which vastly stretches the zone of Secret Service operation in which lawful protesting by private citizens is not allowed. Bizarrely, it passed the House with almost 100% bipartisan support. Ostensibly it's purpose is to protect VIP's like Obama, who enjoy SS protection, from threats by making it a crime to impede or otherwise distract the SS goons from their duties.

I think it's purpose is to protect Obama from being filmed being protested at by angry citizens during an election year, and stupid republicans went along with it because it was probably written in language they really couldn't argue with. Since when in America is it a crime to protest our politicians? And what a chilling effect this will have on political dissent and obviously political free speech, the most precious kind of free speech.

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Bill Lockhart said...

I wonder how long it will be until this is expanded nationwide? He has already taken over all the US national resources under some abstruse clause in a War Powers Act. Check out:

(Copy and paste obviously)