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Friday, March 23, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood to receive money from US taxpayers

In a speech a while back, President Obama announced that if congress didn't sign off on his agenda, then his administration would just do it unilaterally. This difference between what congress wants and what Obama wants is no clearer than in Egypt where the radical Muslim Brotherhood has control of the country....evidently with the approval of Obama. Sec. State Clinton announced that the US would resume payments of $1.5billion of US taxpayer money each year to prop up the Egyptian military.

Even deranged democrats like Patrick Leahy see what a mistake it is to underwrite radical, violent Islamism. Human rights have never been worse in Egypt than now and chaos is still the order of the day. Why would we invest $1.5billion in a violent faction of Islam with a history of anti-western rhetoric? Obama consciously refuses to see radical Islam for what it is, the enemy of America.


Leon Kushner said...

Because he's a proxy for the radical Islamists himself.

Bill Lockhart said...

Is he propping them up so they will violate human rights and we have a reason to bomb them like Libya? You know, another Constitutional use of power?

Anonymous said...

Duuhhhhhhh duuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr durrrr duhhhhh doi durrrrr. I can practically hear you jackasses braying when I read this idiotic nonsense.
I would list all the reasons why basically everyone on this website is insane and all its content is fallacious or just plain stupid, but you monsters aren't able to perceive sense. Sorry for the ad hominem attack, but I've never seen material or people more worthy of it.
Casting pearls before swine comes to mind. Oh, just to explain, my thoughts are the pearls, and you all are the swine.