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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama: "Vacations for me, but not for thee"

Against travel warnings about Mexico because of rampant drug-cartel violence, King and Queen Obama sent their 13 year old daughter and 12 of her friends, apparently at taxpayer expense, on a Spring Break odyssey to Oaxaca. The girls will be protected by 25 secret service agents as well as Mexican police.

I have a few questions:

*What responsible parents send a 13 year old on Spring Break to one of the most dangerous countries in the world, given the horrible example it will set for other American families, who might do the same thing, but who cannot afford secret service protection for their kids?

*25 secret service agents? At what cost? Can the agents legally protect with deadly force any of Malia's friends too?

*How much of this vacation are taxpayers paying for? 

*Why is the media scrubbing this story from the Internet entirely? When the President of the US can successfully "request" that already published news stories be expunged from the Internet, how can that media call itself anything but a propaganda mouthpiece for the administration?  

While many American families cancel vacations, the Obama's live like the entitled royalty they believe themselves to be.


david said...

The Americans are footing the bill I'm afraid. Maybe he'll send you a t-shirt or something.

Bill Lockhart said...

If he is so royal why does he keep bowing to the lesser royalty of the world? heh-heh