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Monday, March 12, 2012

Stuff I've made lately

While I sit here and debate on who I'll vote for tomorrow in Alabama's primary, I thought I'd share my recent creations in the old wood shop. I put this stuff on Craigslist but 49 out of every 50 posts now are by dealerships shlepping their own crap furniture, which drowns out individuals selling stuff they've made....disappointing. Anyway, check it out....

Oak coffee table made from upcycled pallets
Oak wine rack made from pallet wood
Another wine rack, or infused kitchen oils rack


david said...

Impressive. A fantastic use for those old OAK pallets. I'm happy to see you've got a nice hobby. And as a would-be player of acoustic guitars, I DO appreciate finely-crafted wood objects. I'll have to send you a few photographs of my current collection.

david said...

Are those Boone's Farm wine bottles?

Ed said...

Heh heh, no Boone's Farm, but all priced between $9 and $12. Seriously, there are some excellent red wines in that price range.

david said...

That's MY price range too!

I'll have to get you a bottle of Georgian (country of) red wine. Very good and affordable if you don't include the cost to travel to/fro.

Ed said...

Yeah man, if you can bring one back, duty free, that would be awesome. Since I haven't seen you in a number of years, maybe we'll open a bottle when we get together at long last.

david said...

I don't need no stinking duty.

I once carried 8 bottles. And occasionally, due to my own packing errors, I have had a few broken bottles. Not a good mix with my Blues, etc.