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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Time to abandon Afghanistan and let it implode

United States to Afghanistan: "Hey we're really sorry about mistakenly desecrating those Qarans that Muslim prisoners desecrated by scribbling terrorist messages to each other in them. Please don't kill any more of our troops over it."

Afghanistan to the United States: "Here's a couple more bodies for ya."

US and NATO troops can no longer trust Afghan police troops not to shoot us in the back, literally, over the stupid Qaran-burning mistake. Stop the nation building. They don't want our help and we cannot afford it. Let the Taliban retake the country....who cares?


Bill Lockhart said...

They have no oil. Why are we there?

Ed said...

10 years ago it was supposed to be about ridding the nation of the Taliban, but it's morphed, as it always does with the US, into nation building.

We cannot stand for any other nation to not adopt our brand of democracy and we'll impose it upon them if they resist.

Why can't we just bomb the shit out of a country and leave a week later?

Bill Lockhart said...

What kind of bombs do you suggest? If they weren't so expensive, I would say neutron. Kill and blast and leave quickly dissapating radioactivity. So we can come back later and claim the unpopulated land as our own.

Ed said...

I would thin a delayed Daisy-Cutter would do the trick nicely. That should set back the nuclear program more than a few years.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Afghanistan has a nuclear program? Who knew?

Ed said...

Sorry Isaac, I got a little confused by Billy's radioactivity comment. Afghanistan doesn't have a nuclear program.

Still, if we want to destroy the Taliban in Afghanistan, why not abandon that country for a year, let the Taliban reform and get organized, then during their monthly coffe clatch, carpet bomb whatever primitive village they're meeting in?