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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, March 09, 2012

Fisker is another Solyndra, but Obama remains blameless

Fisker, the manufacturer of the "green", $100,000, plug-in hybrid KARMA, received $529million of money taken from taxpayers, then promptly laid off most of its workers because nobody but airheaded celebrity twits like Leo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber is buying it.

Now we hear that Consumer Reports tried to road-test the celebrity activists' favorite car but couldn't get one started....heh heh. There's a reason nobody wants this expensive piece of crap.....IT'S A PIECE OF CRAP! Plug-in hybrid technology might be a great idea, but it's not ready for the market yet, just like solar, wind, tide, and ethanol, but our superiors in government are cramming it down our throats for political reasons and to fight the entirely imaginary menace of global warming.


Anonymous said...

The very fact that the tax payer has to throw in $50k per car to 'encourage' people to buy it is unbelievable. And the very people we're 'encouraging' are the evil rich who if Obama had his way wouldn't be able to afford the damn Fisker because they're not paying enough tax. This feels like Europe Mark 2.

Bill Lockhart said...

People may feel they are being "Green" with this plug-in technology. But the electicity has to come from somewhere besides just the plug. And WHERE might that be? Fossil Fuel burning plants by and large. And since you don't get 100% conversion from plant through wire to plug, you waste even more fossil fuel than burning it directly. Am I right ED? Or have they hooked up tanks of electric eels behind these plugs? Of course you would have to feed those and use energy-using-vehicles to get the food there and power to oxygenate the tanks and use elctricity to make the oxygen from water...hmm seems like it all falls apart until we all have magical non-eating, non-farting unicorns to fly us around. My Plug-in cars Right Rant. From a Libertarian

david said...

You are correct. In the U.S. most of the electricity comes from fossil fuels. The only thing "green" about these cars is the money used to produce and buy them.

Anonymous said...

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