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Thursday, November 13, 2008

More stupidity from the UK

It seems over in the UK, their sperm banks are in need of.....ahem.....a helping hand....

(AP) Britain is facing a sperm donor shortage after reversing confidentiality laws and limiting the number of women who can use sperm from one donor, fertility experts warned Wednesday.

Britain in 2005 changed the law protecting anonymous sperm donors and allowed children to learn the identity of donor fathers - one reason, fertility experts say, there are fewer donors now.

The abject stupidity of the British regularly surprises me. It shouldn't any more. Given their obsession with preventing imaginary global warming with all manner of Draconian, nanny-state societal controls, their absolutely embarassing dihimmitude toward hostile, colonizing Muslims, their disaster of a socialized health-care system, and the Orwellian surveillance of it's citizenry with hundreds of thousands of CCTV's, you'd think that no manner of idiocy would surprise me.

But who wouldn't have predicted that making public, the names of donors to their IVF offspring, would result in fewer donors? The British courts have upheld the absurd claim that children born from the IVF procedure may demand financial support from the donor, if known. If you want the father of your child to support you, you should have to get pregnant the normal way, then sue him in court like everybody else.

I swear, how the formerly great British Empire has managed to survive this long is a mystery to me.

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