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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MSM reports only what fits the liberal template

So where are the populist ideologues in the media to slam the big, evil oil companies now that prices have plummeted?

HOUSTON (AP) - Retail gasoline prices dipped for a 17th week since July 4, falling below $2 a gallon in a number of states and approaching $1.50 at some service stations.

Oil prices hit a 20-month low Tuesday as Wall Street offered yet more evidence that consumers have gone into hiding.

If Big Oil created the high prices and took all the blame as the libs in the MSM would have you believe, why aren't they praising Big Oil for lowering prices? Answer: because they know good and well the oil companies had nothing to do with retail pricing of gasoline. It is entirely consumer-demand driven. But supply-and-demand realities don't fit the template of big business being evil so they don't report it.

Now that gas prices are down.....
Will Hillary and Obama rescind their absurd demand for a windfall-profits tax on oil companies? I doubt it.
Will the loathsome democrats in Congress stop dragging oil company CEO's to dog-and-pony show hearings to slander them in front of the nation? I doubt it.
Will Maxine Waters stop stupidly suggesting that we nationalize the oil companies? I doubt it.
Will the MSM take back all the despicable things they accused the oil execs of and apologize? I doubt it.
Will they finally report the truth which is that prices are a function of demand? Don't make me laugh.

Just once, I'd like to hear a reporter or reporterette come on and say, "Well, we blew it telling you the oil companies were evil for making such huge profits. It turns out they had nothing to do with the price increasing. You consumers had everything to do with it. If you want the price of gas to go down, stop consuming so much." Rosie O'Donnel will wear a size 4 before that to happens.

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