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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, November 07, 2008

Campbell Brown gets it

Over at Michelle Malkin's site, HotAir, I found this clip of Campbell Brown chastizing all those gutless, back-stabbing rats in the McCain camp who're trying to blame Sarah Palin for a loss that I'm not sure any republican could have avoided. Check it out.

Sarah Palin is the only reason McCain didn't lose like 75%-25%. She is the only true, Reagan conservative in the McCain camp. If I were honest, she might be the only reason I voted this year. I was less than jazzed about McCain until Palin came on the scene. McCain and evidently his idiot advisors are not conservatives, they are big-government, compassionate conservatives like Bush. Sarah Palin stands for all the things they have abandoned in order to get along with libarals.

Sarah Palin stands for individualism over group identity, self-reliance over dependence, states' rights over centralized government control, equal opportunity over guaranteed equal outcome, pulling one's own weight over collectivism, and traditional American values over phoney, European sophistication. These are the reasons they don't like her. She's not like them.

I've been impressed with Campbell Brown's show lately. She seems genuinely to be trying to point out bias and crap where she finds it. And that's always good.

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Tracie said...

I agree about Palin. It wasn't enough for me though since she was 2nd on the ticket.

I don't care much for Campbell - I thought she was almost giddy when it became clear Obama was going to win.