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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, November 14, 2008

Katie Couric reveals she's a partisan.....but we already knew that

Overpaid, perky newsreader Katie Cupcake revealed recently, in a roundtable discussion of the election media coverage, that she was prepped by at least two, high-level Obama staffers for her interview with Sarah Palin. Anybody who watched it knew it was a gotcha interview, but we thought Katie had written the questions herself. It turns out they coached her on what questions to ask and how to bait Palin into making mistakes.

Is it any wonder CBS news is stuck toiling in third place among the big three news networks, all of which practically nobody watches? Gone are the golden days of ABC, NBC, and CBS controlling the information that Americans consume. We are much more sophisticated news consumers now and we can sniff out a partisan hack like Katie Couric a mile away. I haven't watched a network news broadcast in 20 years and I'm much better informed because of it.

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Tracie said...

Katie, The View, and Oprah are why we have sexism. When this is the best representation we have, what do you expect?
Funny how they think they're helping women.