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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big Three Bailout....good idea or nanny-State disaster?

The American auto industry has devolved into little more than lavish benefits providers for tens of thousands of retired an current, overpaid union workers. These labor agreements came as a result of union coercion and extortion and do not in any way reflect the value of those jobs in the real labor market. Unions forcing Ford to pay the guy who mows the grass $70/hour so he can be a union member is what's killing the auto industry. That, and the fact that American manfacturing companies, unlike Japanese companies, are notoriously slow to retool plants and adjust to quickly evolving market trends. Union thugs always, always support democrats and once elected, democrats are beholden to support unions.

This week democrats are urging yet another plunder of taxpayers wealth to prop up the big three automakers. Why are we paying them to produce more cars that nobody wants? Why are we subsidizing failure after failure after failure? They should be allowed to go bankrupt. Immediately, that supply vacuum will be filled with smaller, ununionized companies that can provide what consumers are demanding, and finally, an American car company will be competitive with Honda and Toyota.

This brings us to our TRR poll question......

Do you support a taxpayer bailout of the big three American auto makers?
Yes, too many jobs are at risk
No, live and let die is the American business way
Who cares? And where can I buy Palin/Jindal 2012 bumper stickers?
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