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Monday, November 17, 2008

Jump the fence.....get eaten by a cougar

Ed's life advice #214--kids, don't try to impress your under-age girlfriend by cavorting with wild animals....

Anthony Zitnick, 21, and his friend, a girl, 16, illegally trespassed into the home of a wildlife collector in Miami. A male cougar named Chaos attacked the girl and clamped his jaws on her head. A neighbour, Richard Miralles heard the victim’s screams and wrestled Chaos the cougar away. The Wildlife officials said the homeowner had legal licences to keep cougars, snakes, tortoises and alligators. The girl survived Chaos’ attack and was sent to hospital. Anthony Zitnick was arrested.

My first thought was, why is a 21 year old dating a 16 year old? Social retardation? Plus, what ever happend to the good old days when being old enough to buy booze was good enough to impress a 16 year old? I thought for a minute about not poking fun of these morons since the idiot guy didn't get attacked, but then my wife pointed out that she jumped the fence too. I don't care of you are dating a 21 year old, at 16, you should know better than to jump a six foot fence, posted "no-trespassing", which is the only thing that seperates you from two hungry carnivores.


BelchSpeak said...

I saw this, but didn't make the connection that the guy was dragging jailbait to be cougar bait. Nice!

Joe Camel said...

I think that Chaos is tormented as to its sexuality and therefore reacted hostily towards these 2 visitors. It appears the the "Cougar" felt threatened by the younger girl and was trying to impress the 21 year old degenerate by showing off her enormous mouth and its skills. Hopefully he was dazzled! Maybe he can into that again soon. It would serve him right!!

Anonymous said...

she did not jump the fence. zitnick had a KEY. and they were not dating >> and by the way. SHE WAS DOING COMMUNTY SERVICE. its the owners fault.