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Monday, November 24, 2008

J P Hayes for President !!!

I know it is too late to endorse a candidate for this year, but I finally have found a decent honorable guy. Let me cover his qualifications:

American born and bread.
Foreign Relations: Has dealt amiably with all non-Americans on the PGA Tour.
National Defense: Can hit a 6 iron 230 yards with a slight puppy-cut to a dead pin position. Firing a dart with 20,00 fans silently staring is great training to fire a missile if need be.
Economy: He stands on his record, to be described below:

J.P. was fighting for his life last week in the PGA Tour qualifying school. He had completed round 1 in the middle of the pack, and had signed his card. Back in hotel room that night he noticed a prototype ball that Titleist had given him the week earlier. He contacted the tournament office noted its presence in the bag and assessed himself a 2 shot penalty. His 72 became a 74. He moved forward to play round 2. After finishing round 2, Hayes and his caddy were going through the bag looking for something when he found another of the prototype balls. Hayes asked his "loop" about the ball, and was shocked to find that the caddy had used it in their play twice that day. Hayes could have remained silent and gone about his business, but the man couldn't live with himself even if he thought he had cheated the game. He called the penalty on himself again, thus resulting in his disqualification from Q-School. There went his chance to earn a living in his chosen profession next year. He is back to begging for sponsor exemptions and Monday qualifiers for a chance to earn his living.

Did he make some mistakes - Yes!
Did he asked to be bailed out - No!!
He took his medicine in a manner befitting a man of intestinal fortitude and a man of high character. Bully for you JP. You are now on my list of admirable men. I wish we had more people like you and less low rent cheating scum. Good Luck in the future.

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ed said...

Good point Reid. Appropo as always.