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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Liberal double standard

By now I'm sure you've heard about Michael Richards "N-word" rant at a comedy club. He was reacting to a couple of black hecklers. Richards attempted to control the damage last night by going on Letterman by satellite to apologize. Jerry Seinfeld was the guest on Letterman, which propably marked the first time since the show ended that these two comedic geniuses shared the stage. It was absolutely surreal to me to have two of the funniest guys on Earth trying to be serious on a late-night comedy show. At one point during Richard's attempted apology the audience was giggling, obviously in anticipation of "Kramer" doing something funny, and Jerry said, "Stop laughing, it's not funny." I kept waiting for a punch-line too, even though I knew none was coming.

One, if you're a comedian, you don't go on Letterman to apologize for doing something stupid and indelicate and expect people not to laugh. And two, if he had just said, "Look, I'm not a professional stand-up comedian. I don't know how to handle hecklers. I was humiliated and embarassed and I lashed out at these two guys, sorry.", he wouldn't have to do all this public groveling. Just be honest.

Then astonishingly, Richards went on to link his conflict with the hecklers to the US conflict with Iraq. Of course liberal Letterman let him get away completely with this.

Mel Gibson, who had booze to blame, said basically the same thing and his problems are far from over still. Do you think the media deal with liberal-leaning stars differently than conservative-leaning stars like Gibson?


JoeCamel said...

Richards obviously is a ranting racist that wants to see the entire "N" population wiped from the earth. Okay, so I took this a little bit too far, but so is everybody else. The guy made a judgemental error that may have hurt a few feelings, but ultimately did no longstanding damage. Leave him be.

dupree said...

I am of the opinion that if you don't want your feelings hurt, don't heckle a guy while he's working.

I give Kramer a pass on this one.

Reid said...

I want to harken back to a comic named Don Rickles. I believe he made a living being rude to all comers. He picked on audience members via their etniticity, nose size, breast size, height, hair color, etc. No one ever challenged him about racism, etc. It seems to me that the true racial issue here is from the black hecklers in the audience and not from Kramer. I say we call this issue as it is, reverse racism. I find it odd that blacks can refer to each other with the "N" word, and others cannot. I feel strongly that if all races are to respect each other, people must not degrade themselves as stated above. How can a young person that is learning about life figure out what is/isn't acceptable when he/she hears this term, and one time it is derogatory, and the next it is acceptable. Lets judge each other by our hearts, minds and motives as opposed to our skin.