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Monday, November 06, 2006

Where have you gone Vince Dooley?

Man if it weren't for Alabama, Georgia would be the laughing stock of the SEC!

Is it me, or is Georgia terrible in every facet of the game? Receiving, rushing, QB, tackling, special teams, blocking, play calling...even the cheerleaders are sub-par. The only positive I can find on the team this year is UGA-VI...he can always be conted on.

If you count the slim, last-minute, 3-point win over Miss. St as a loss, which I do, by the end of the Tech. game, Georgia will have lost 6 out of our last six games. When is the last time that happened? This is a team in serious decline. There's something going on over there.


Reid said...

It is amazing to see the decline of football in the south. I knew that the power shift was complete last week when The Birmingham News ( Voice of Alabama Football Propaganda) announced that they were bowl eligible. Bowl Eligible - Bear is now officially dead. They are always bowl eleigible and this should never be an issue. My question now is that if UA and UGA meet in Shreveport, will any hoyel rooms be rented? Will a ticket be sold or will this be the straw to break Shreveport's back and make them give up hosting the Poulan-Weedeater- Stacker 1- STP- Drano Bowl ? Gee I hope so. should any decent fan be forced to suffer through shreveport for the Holidays?

buzz said...

A Georgia fan wanted to get rid of his tickets to the Auburn game this weekend so he left them on his wind-shield for somebody to take. When he returned, there were four.

Ed said...

If Georgia fails to beat Auburn and Ga.Tech, they should cowboy up, and decline ANY bowl bid. They are undeserving of any post-season rewards. BCS bowl paydays and top 5 recruiting classes recently will have produced an embarassing 6-6 team this year. I think we should call it a season after the Tech game and go home for the holidays.

Rewards get you more of what you rewarded. We don't need to reward 6-6 performances...we'll get more of them.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the decline and fall of UGA football a wonderful thing to see?

dupree said...

"Isn't the decline and fall of UGA football a wonderful thing to see?"

Spoken like a true Tech weenie.

Get real you douchebags said...

Georgia 37, (5) Auburn 15

Get the F@ck over yourselves. You got routed, and Georgia went on to beat GaTech and then Virginia Tech in a bowl game. 8-2 in our last ten bowl games, and yet another BCS sugar bowl for the dogs this year as well! Posers and losers you all are!!!