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Friday, November 03, 2006

Americans...foisting our way of life on the world

Confirming what I've been saying for months, that they are hostile to, and resentful of America, the crybabies over at the U.N. think there's too much English on the Internet...

EXPERTS at a UN forum on internet governance warned that the predominant use of English on the worldwide web needs to be checked before it crowds out other languages.

They fear forms of cultural knowledge accumulated over centuries of human progress could be lost for ever.

“Some 90 per cent of 6000 languages (at use today) are not represented on the internet,” said Yoshinori Imai of NHK, Japan's Broadcasting Corporation.

“These people could be left out in the desert of no information and no knowledge,” he said.

In countries such as Colombia and Senegal, oral tradition and cultural heritage that could be used for research and education purposes may never reach the broader world, sociologists and linguists told the four-day forum, held in the southern Athens suburb of Vouliagmeni until November 2.

“A large part of the population are voiceless because they cannot share the information,” said Adama Samassekou, president of the African Academy of Languages in Mali.

“Every time a language dies, a vision of the world disappears,” he said.

Sniff, sniff.

Look, when people in Colombia and Senegal contribute something to the world besides drugs and famine respectively, they can do it in whatever language they speak. Until then, I'd like to see more Engrish on the Web.


Joe Camel said...

I thought Senegal was a patsry shop at the mall! Who n=knew they had there own language?

dupree said...

These people are worried about their next meal, not what language is on the WWW.

Reid said...

Is the issue here about spreading languages on the internet or a way for these U.N. idiots to score some significant moola as they become the sole source for this service. I think that if you can't read in English, then you don't need to be on the computer in the first place. By the way, I have the ability to alter ny PC (from 2001) to read and print in 5 different languages) I did check and Sengalese isn't available, but spanish is, and since a derivative of it is spoken in Columbia (juan valdez) I think they can work this out. If you live in Senegal take the next train to any normal speaking country, get a job, learn the language, buy a computer. Have a good life, The tigers and other jungle creatures will enjoy Senegal much more.

Ed said...

Clearly, the UN is angling for control of the internet. They would instantly institute a Web tax based on use. Of course the US would pay the lion's share of that as we do for all other impotent UN activities. It's just an attempt corrupt, despotic third-world countries, to grab more money from the US.

Watchout if globalist Democrats get control of Congress, they'll cede control of the internet, and America's sovereignty, to the UN.

Hopefully Republicans can retain the Senate.

Reid said...

I am writing this note quickly, as it appears that the Dem controlled congress is already pushing to change the name to the UNternet. We will no longer have microsoft, as they will become MicroKofi. (All though that sounds like a small drink at the airport). Windows becomes UNdows (which will also be a new diaper product at your grocery store.)
Oh well, lets panic now, and avoid the rush later.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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