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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crying wolf in Japan

I'm ashamed to have to admit that I was quite disappointed to hear about the 16 inch tsunami which "struck" Japan this morning, after excited predictions of 6-8 foot waves forced mass evacuations. I was looking forward to some very dramatic devastation and mayhem. It was reported that the largest wave was the single 16 inch wave that lapped the sandy shore, followed by an 8 inch "wave", and then a 3 inch "wave".

I'm curious though, how do they know that a 3 inch tsunami hit Japan? Maybe a clumsy reporterette accidentally stepped in the water a few yards away. How did they even determine the 16 inch wave was a tsunami, among the other waves washing ashore? I make a bigger wave when I jump in the tub.

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Joe Camel said...

Isn't the weather channel great. Its too bad that Jim Santori wasn't able to get in position to film this disaster - oh he forgot his micro lens to see it. I can picture Jim now grimly trying to stand tall as the waves lap over his shoes. Jim will spend hundreds of hours trying to point out how truly devastating this was/is. He will tour, have the van driver swerve into a phone pole leveling it and then show us a picture of downed power lines and the car accident they had when forced from the road by the secondary 3" wave - bad tire treads and all. Back to you in weather central ..