“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And the shadow of darkness and dread fell upon the peoples of America...

Dem's Take the House While the Senate Remains in Limbo...

This woman is two heartbeats away from the Presidency. As scary as that is, there is a silver lining to the GOP loss of House control. It sets up nicely for us in two years when the American people will have had a snout full of SanFrancisco liberalism.

The biggest loser last night was Hillary Clinton. There won't be nearly the mandate for her ascension to her birthright position in the oval office in '08 as there would have been if the GOP had retained power.

I've got to go to work but stay tuned to TRR for more election after-math analysis.

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Reid said...

This election showed many things if we choose to look and evaluate the results.

a) The GOP has lost a little touch with the masses within the country. It is easy to stay on the 6 year- off election trend of history, or the R's can look at what didn't work and fix it. I see a number of conservative christian type Dem's having won. The Rep's were not focused on the winning ideas of the past, nor were they seemingly doing much in the way of '08 prep work.
b) The US Supreme court will likely shift to the left as 1 - 2 seats are bantered about in the next 2 years. Bush either didn't care, or forgot about this vital part of our countries history. These people make law. We need to have consevative intelligent jurists in these seats as opposed to Nancy Pelosi -ites liberally changing all our basic values upon a whim. Scary thought but possibly true.
c) We now have a split in power, making Bush's dealings with Congress more dificult. With the lame duck status he has, he has allowed for a bigger hurdle to overcome to get anything done, and it seems that daily plenty needs to get done. Cheney needs to constantly be surrounded by Doctors so that he will not get sick or die, or this country is in a world of trouble. we will be shelling out gobs of cash around the globe accomplishing nothing if P Lo gains control. She may be truly scarier than Hillary.
d) It is high time for those of us on the right side to stand up and be heard. we must go ut and tell the story now, continue telling it, and retell it until all responsible adults are up to speed on how it is ging to be if the Dem's take over in '08. I have no idea who will be runing, but the Rep's better narrow down to someone quickly, and get the party behind 1 electable candidate - or else we end with Col. Sanders or that muslim guy from the midwest. either way its real ugly and we lose lots of money.