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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

These guys got off easy

Six Imams were removed from a flight in Minneapolis after they stood during pre-flight and started reciting their prayers. Of course we all know that Muslims face Mecca like 5 times a day and engage in a prayer ritual. I don't know about you, but anybody, much less Muslim Imams, reciting prayers before a flight would understandably freak me out. This is the reality of air-travel since 9/11. In the U.S. you don't get to behave weirdly anywhere near airplanes. If it had been English soccer hooligans who had hijacked the three 9/11 flights, not to mention all the other terrorist attacks around the world, rather than Muslims, then people with English accents, cut-off Union Jack t-shirts, and beer breath would be highly suspect.

But it was Muslims who attacked us on 9/11. Go down the list of terrorist incidents in the past 20 years and 99% of them were by radical Muslims. For these guys to complain about the treatment of Muslims in this country is preposterous. Muslims get treated better in the U.S. than in any other country, including the Muslim ones. These six guys are lucky they didn't get their butts whipped by some good ol' boys on the flight. How are Americans supposed to know that these guy are just saying their harmless daily prayers and not their "final" prayers before starting to kill passengers? There's no way to know without speaking Arabic, and I wouldn't have blamed the passengers if they had attacked the Imams pre-emptively.

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Reid said...

The luck of the Irish befell the Muslims. If this group had been standing in Hartsfield Intl. Airport, some southern rednecks would now be in jail. There would also be some dead Imams. I go immediately to the fact that if these people don't like any of the treatment they receive while in MY COUNTRY then they can quickly depart stage left. Americans are an indulging bunch to say the least, but when pushed to the limit we will react swiftly and forcefully. Tell the IMAMAS to shut their pie holes and get on with life. Maybe next time they are flying they will think twice about the pre bombing prayer ritual.