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Monday, November 27, 2006

And the wheel goes round and round

Well, it looks like the Tide won't have Mike Shula to blame for a nose-diving football program anymore, and Auburn fans are sad to see the age of automatic wins over Alabama coming to a close. As a Georgia fan, I was looking forward to kicking Alabama around for four years as they get back on our schedule again at some point in the next few years.

Astonishingly, the Tide nation remains myopically fixated to the memory of "Bear" Bryant. They refuse to believe that there are no longer any coaches with any connection to the Bear left in football. This is why they hired Mike Shula. "If there are no more former coach assistants of the Bear, let's go hire a former player so we can keep the "Bear family" thing going."

People, it's been like 20 years. Go find a quality coach regardless of whether he has previous Bama ties, or has ever heard of Bear Bryant. As long as they continue to cling to the memory of Bear Bryant like a child clings to a rag doll, the football program will continue to decline and the carousel of coaches will continue to turn year after year. Soon, Alabama will be in the ranks with Kentucky, Vandy, Ole Miss and the other bottom feeders of the SEC.


buzz said...

I hear Perkins is available. They should rehire Perkins.

JoeCamel said...

Reliable A club sources told me last night that Spurrier was 99% in with a contract totaling b/w 27-40million w/ incentives over 7 years. U of A has stepped up nicely to land the big prize.

JoeCamel said...

Reliable A-Clubbers have no control over Malicious Mal. He has managed to singlehandedly run off a great coach in Spurrier. Rumors now circulate that Rodriguez doesn't want the job, and that the Tide boys are moving back in on Saban and then to the tier 2 wish list. Eventually, Watson Brown may get a call to check interest level. What a comedy to sit back and watch. If I'm Mike Shula, at this point I am richer and happy to be out of the muck.