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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If Islamic terrorism were a snake.......

This is why terror has taken hold in the every-day lives of ordinary Americans. We, and by we I mean liberals and the disturbingly PC bureaucrats in government, continue to refuse to name our enemy and take actions to stop him for fear of hurting some body's feelings.....

From FreeRepublic -- Federal agents are investigating the background of a California man with a Yemeni passport who pounded on the cockpit door of an American Airlines flight as it approached San Francisco before a flight attendant tackled him, police said Monday.

Rageh Almurisi, 28, does not have any clear or known ties to terrorism, and investigators have not established a possible motive, San Francisco police Sgt. Michael Rodriguez said.

"have not established a motive"? All the passengers on the flight reported that they were afraid for their lives when this nut yelled "Alluha Akbar" as he pounded on the cockpit doors. I would suggest that they consider Islamic terrorism as a possible motive.....idiots!

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Bill said...

.....our leaders would try to pet it.