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Friday, May 13, 2011

I caught a fish thiiiss biiiigg! *holds hands far apart*

Telling fish tales is a tradition dating back to at least the early pre-Cambrian period. In Texas however, you'd better not get caught lying about the size of your catch if you're in a tournament....

From NYTimes -- A bill that would make it a misdemeanor — and in some cases a felony — to misrepresent the size, weight or provenance of a fish in a fishing tournament arrived on Gov. Rick Perry’s desk on Wednesday, after passing the State Senate in a unanimous vote on Monday.

Do we really need a state-wide law banning lying about your fish in tournaments? Don't they measure and weigh the fish you catch? And aren't there already tournament rules about cheating? Why do we need a law?

What'll Texas do next, pass a law to discourage peeking during hide-and-seek? If you get caught, you lose automatically....everybody knows that. But I guess the Texas legislature has solved all that states' other problems, which is the only explanation for wasting time on this.

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David said...

We MIGHT have one or two more important things to be concerned about. Although Sonny Perdue, former Governor of Georgia, put fishing in front to f a lot of other things with his "Go Fish!" movement. And that bolstered Georgia and we are now an economic powerhouse with the best schools in the nation.