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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The intelligence of the SEC athlete

We in the SEC cringe every time a football player is interviewed on TV because it becomes undeniably obvious that our football players are there for one reason, to win games, not to attend classes....clearly they rarely have in their lives. Witness Florida's former RB Mike Blakely on why he chose to transfer to a JUCO school and then try to get back in the SEC the following year....

From SaturdayDownSouth -- "It’s hot. I’m from Bradenton, but at least we get a breeze there, you know? This feels like you’re living in Satan’s crotchpit, and it’s only May. Also, I can’t stand live oaks. They’re the homeless man of trees. Just look at ‘em. All raggedy and shit. WE OUT."

"Live Oaks are the homeless man of trees"? I could go all year and not hear a pearl like that. I laughed out loud, but it was at Blakely not with him. Kind of the way you laugh at Beavis and Butthead...it's not  that they're all that funny, it's that they're that stupid.

SEC teams should keep their players sequestered from the media so we can maintain the thin charade that our football players are on scholarship for any reason beside playing football. Jeez!

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Bill Lockhart said...

Yeah athletic scholarship an oxymoron. There is nothing scholarly about these athletes. I'm surprised that they actually possess the intelligence to memorize a football play.