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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama, clueless about what year it is

This is how Obama signed the Westminster Abbey guest book this morning. After attempting(badly) an Irish accent in Ireland yesterday, getting his limo stuck on the driveway hump, and now missing the date by three years, how much more embarrassing could this trip be? The list of missteps regarding our motherland is long. It started with Obama returning the bust of Winston Churchill....how insulting!. Then as a gift, he gave the queen an DVD with his own speeches recorded on it, forgetting that DVD's in the US are formatted differently in Europe....she couldn't watch them even if she wanted to....which I'm sure she didn't.

I'd also like to see an FBI handwriting profiler analyze Obama's signature. I'll bet the huge B and O indicate extreme narcissism.


Bill said...

The local anchors on the Fox channel in Atlanta were falling over themselves to excuse this. "Oh, could happen to anyone." I don't recall Dan Quayle getting such benefit of the Doubt - or any other Republican.

Ed said...

I think it just shows how little attention Obama pays to his duties as President, rather he's singularly focused on re-election to the point that other things become meaningless busy work to him.