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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, May 19, 2011

FEMA becomes an enforcement agency

Under Obama, FEMA is more like the IRS than a relief agency. 403 Tennesseans have been told to repay $1.6 million in flood relief money. FEMA's idiotic reasoning is that these people used insurance money so they don't qualify for FEMA money. But hardly any insurance companies offer flood insurance in these areas that get flooded. It's more likely to be the case that these people had long-time policies that allowed them to cash out some of the money if disaster struck, even if the policy didn't cover it specifically. It's not double-dipping as FEMA contends, but rather supplemental or complementary funding of relief.

I wonder if there's some political motivation behind this. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. These people aren't ripping off the taxpayers. Look at the hundreds of thousands of people ripping off Welfare, Food-Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, school lunches, etc....they ignore that but go after people who've demonstrated actual need?

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