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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My twice-a-year animal-cruelty soapbox

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you take your unappreciative rug-rat to the circus, most zoos, or pay for movies like Water for Elephants in which intelligent animals are forced to perform stupid tricks for human entertainment, then you are complicit in abuse and torture because apparently that's how they're trained and handled when no body's looking.....

From Dailymail -- In the secret footage, released by charity Animal Defenders International (ADI), the elephant is seen being given electric shocks with hand-held stun guns and being beaten with bull hooks.

If you are stupid enough to believe that this isn't how virtually all performing animals are trained and handled, then it will give me great pleasure when, in front of your caterwauling brat whose face is sticky with cotton-candy and snot, a fed up elephant tramples you at the circus, you get mauled by a lion at the zoo, or a monkey sinks his teeth into your leg.

Go to the link above and watch the videos or simply search "elephant cruelty" on Youtube, and see if you really want to support the circus, bad zoos, or animal movies again.

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