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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

No popularity bump for Obama after Bin Laden

Pundits and assorted presidential observers were expecting an approval bump for Obama following the successful hit carried out by SEAL-6 on Osama Bin Laden, and rightfully so. Any President who green-lights a successful kill mission on America's #1 enemy deserves a bump. But Obama isn't enjoying much of one...why not?

My guess is first, the economy is still in a tailspin as gas prices continue to rise and the future is indeed bleak. And two, the stupid, Islamically-consistent burial-at-sea of Bin Laden on which the Navy spent 40 minutes, sort of quelled the good feelings toward Obama. People are asking why did Bin Laden deserve that? Why are we bending over backwards not to anger crazed Muslims who're already angry? Are we worried about angering moderate Muslims by not giving public enemy #1 a proper burial?

I don't think having the Navy do that garnered any good will from any Muslims, anywhere. Regarding Bin Liden's demise, Muslims are either glad, pissed, or indifferent. I don't think the funeral ceremony changed anything one way or the other.


Bill said...

There are three polls that do appear to show a huge bump. They are by the usual suspects and can be seen at realclearpolitics.com under polls. CNN, WashPo, and the NYT all contain 700 or fewer adults (not voters) and were undoubtedly designed to show such a bump. Strategic polling at its most blatant. Rasmussen, the only poll that always surveys 1500 "likely voters" shows vastly different results, as does the 1500 "adult" Gallop.

Bill Lockhart said...

Yes I have also seen polls showing a bump in his popularity. Mine came from:

Ed said...

Yeah, but it'll be very fleeting with gas prices hitting $4/gallon average nationally, unemployment officially hitting 9%, and administration dhimmitude with the 40minute funeral. Not to mention the details coming out that Bin Laden was essentially executed while unarmed. That stuff doesn't play well with guys like Chris Matthews if he can paint SEAL-6 as blood-thirsty killing machines.