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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bust a deal, face the wheel

The US might not pay up on the reward promised for information leading to the capture, arrest, or proof of death of Osama bin Laden....

From NPR.org -- Under a special program started by Congress back in 1984, the U.S. government has paid $100 million to dozens of people who helped bring international terrorists to justice. But the reward for the most notorious terrorist of all — Osama bin Laden — could go unclaimed.

Even if there isn't one person who deserves the $27million reward, why not donate it to the SEAL Team-6 program? It might go a long way toward paying for that chopper that went down. Or it might fund a raid to get Ayman al-Zawahiri, the putative Al Qaeda #1 now that bin Laden as assumed the temperature of sea water. Either way, the US shouldn't shirk on it's promise.

*Bonus points to the first reader who can, without cheating, name the source of the title of this post. [Note:anybody who can't get this should be embarrassed to be a dude. Girls get a pass.]


Pat said...

Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome
Hey - we gals know our Mel movies!

Ed said...

Well done. Pat! You get the bonus points.

Bill said...

NY congressmen are proposing to give the reward to "9/11 families." Sounds unobjectionable, but recall just how much has already been given by a generous nation to the families. My fire department had a boot drive right after 9/11 that raised over $100,000 - several times what we normally raised for charity. That was repeated all across the country, even before the feds got into the act.

Use the money, as Ed said, to replace the Blackhawk.