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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Herman Cain enjoys bounce in Zogby

Despite the Washington media insiders' desire for a fellow insider to be the republican nominee for President, and perhaps because of it, Herman Cain passed Chris Christie in Zogby polling yesterday. Cain has 19%, Christie who's not running has 17%, and Romney the insider at 12%.

Now anything can happen in a long election season, but I think likely GOP voters don't appreciate the conservative elites like Charles Krauthammer telling them this early that a candidate is a joke. Why is Herman Cain a joke to CK? How is he any less qualified to be President than the shifty, empty-suited socialist that's there now?

I hope Herman Cain does well in the early states and gains some momentum. I'll be happy to cast a vote for him if he turns out to be the conservative that he appears to be.


Bill said...

I do the Zogby online polls - they come from time to time in the e-mail. He is very thorough in his questioning, althgough there are many questions about polls of this type since the respondants self-select to some extent.

Ed said...

Even though the polled population is self-selected to some extent, it's still a valid outcome among likely GOP voters, assuming they weren't told ahead of time the purpose of the poll was to gauge Cain's popularity. Undoubtedly, these numbers will change daily over the next 18 months, but it does get people to take a look at Cain who otherwise might not have had he polled in the single digits and in like 6th place.

Bill said...

The one I did listed every conceivable GOP candidate, even one I had never heard of. It asked if there was one you "would never" vote for. I did have one, you may be able to guess.

Ed said...

Who could you not bring yourself to vote for? Palin?

Bill said...

Oh, I'd vote for her in a heartbeat. It's Paul that would make me look for the inevitable 3rd party candidate, not that he'd ever be the nominee.

Ed said...

Oh, I should have gotten that one. I forgot about Paul