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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Phony carbon exchange collapses in wake of Copenhagen farce

Finally, some sanity regarding the global warming sham....

Carbon prices plunged yesterday in the aftermath of the Copenhagen conference on climate change, dealing a blow to the credibility of the European Union's carbon-trading scheme.

Prices for carbon permits for December 2010 delivery, the benchmark contract for pricing European permits, dropped nearly 10 per cent in early trading, before recovering to end the day 8.3 per cent lower at €12.41.

Lower prices give companies less incentive to invest in cutting their greenhouse gas output. Analysts estimate that prices of more than €40 a tonne are required to stimulate investment in new low-carbon technologies.

Those dumb Europeans actually believe in man-made global warming and are arrogant and smug enough to think they can affect the world climate by buying and trading carbon allowances...heh, heh. Democrats in America are no smarter than their European counterparts but, at least we haven't let them saddle us with ridiculous, economy-destroying carbon credits...not yet anyway.

The whole "green economy" is a bunch of manufactured nonsense, created by socialists in the democrat party as a ruse for controlling all aspects of life in America. There is no market demand for green jobs. When the technology for wind, solar, cow farts, whatever becomes more efficient than the energy we currently produce, people will naturally switch to the cheaper form of energy. Creating a phony exchange for carbon based on what are known to be lies is just an exercise in absurdity.

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