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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rush....get well soon!

Rush was taking a golf vacation in Hawaii and experienced severe chest pains after which, he spent the night in the hospital. He was in serious condition but is reported to be resting comfortably now. I wonder if the golf-course starter put him and Barack Obama in the same foursome...that would explain the chest pain. Then again, Rush may have been faking I mean, who wouldn't fake a heart attack if you had to watch this golf swing for a whole round?

President shankopotomus!

Here's wishing Rush a full and speedy recovery.


David said...

He's got more variables in that swing than a differential equation. It's a wonder he can sustain the vertical.

Bill Lockhart said...

HEY! Leave Obama's swing alone. Don't you realize that golf expertise is directly related to the number of mistresses you have? And you know that isn't happening since Michelle wears the pants in that family.----WHAT-too soon?

Bill said...

There are a limited number of folks whose demise would seriously damage the cause of freedom. Rush is high on that list, IMO. Get well soon!

Belchspeak said...

Now I understand why he spends so much time playing golf. He needs the practice! If Bush sucked at Golf, there would have been people screaming for him to give it up.

Cross said...
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Anonymous said...

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