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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ben Nelson succumbs to a bribe

Just like Mary Landreau before him, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska caved in to Harry Reid thanks to a multi-billion dollar bribe. This deal essentially puts all American tax-payers unfairly on the hook for extended federal-funding of medicair and medicaid in Nebraska....for a couple of years....then Nebraskans gets screwed over just like the rest of us. He was holding out because of nebulous language regarding federal funding of abortion but in the end, his craven political ambition won out over his principles.

What a treacherous, smarmy lot these democrats are!


David said...

How much more overt do these criminals need to be before we throw them out of office? They are the bully in the schoolyard, effective becasue they are unchallenged.

ed said...

Dave, I fear that there are too many voters who see nothing wrong with this to vote guys like this out. That's why in the past year, I've become a big term-limit advocate. If these guys have nothing to gain from their service, perhaps they'll be less swayed by bribes and threats in return for unprincipled votes.

David said...

Check out this site: www.goooh.com

I haven't looked at it yet but plan to during the Holidays. It appears to be term-limit oriented:)